Animal Clinic of Diamond is happy to provide our area with boarding services. You may have seen our new building across the parking lot. We transitioned to housing all pets boarding with us to our new facility addition early August of 2022. This building was built almost entirely with boarding in mind. While our capacity for boarding has increased, we have taken many precautions to ensure the quality of care your pet receives with us remains top priority.

Among other things, the new boarding facility includes:
  • Indoor and outdoor kennel runs for dogs of all sizes.
  • Indoor “quiet boarding” area set aside for cats and small, elderly or anxious dogs who prefer a quiet area to stay with us.
  • Indoor runs are completely air conditioned.
  • Outdoor runs are shaded under insulated lean-to’s with a mounted fan on each kennel block to provide air circulation on the hot days.
Boarding Requirements/Recommendations:

All boarding is first-come first-serve and it is in your best interest to book your stay as early as possible to secure your pets’ spot. Boarding is charged per night. Pets should be picked up before 3pm to avoid additional fees. We do provide day boarding at the same rate and must be picked up by 4:30pm.

  • Vaccines: Proof of up-to-date vaccine records are required for all boarders. If vaccines are not up-to-date, we will require them to be updated at the time of check in.
    • Required for dogs boarding with us: DA2PP, Rabies & Bordatella
    • Required for cats boarding with us: FVRCP & Rabies
  • Food: We are happy to provide food for your pets during their stay. Dogs will receive Science Diet Adult 1-6yr canine kibble chicken flavor and cats will receive Science Diet Adult 1-6yr feline kibble chicken flavor.
    • Special Diets: We are happy to feed your pet’s current diet. Simply bring your pet’s food with them. We ask that you portion or pet’s food the way it is currently fed at home or provide clear instructions on how/how much/when your pet is to be fed.
  • Collars and Leashes: We intend to send all collars, leashes and harnesses home with you when your pets are checked-in. Plan to take these with you and bring them with you at time of check-out.
  • Bedding and Toys: We understand the desire for your pets to have their things during their stay. Please keep in mind that pets may tear up things they normally leave alone while boarding. While we can provide your pets with their things, understand that this is at your own risk. We are not responsible for any items your pet destroys during their stay. You will assume responsibility for any medical/surgical needs of your pet if they destroy and ingest any items you requested for them to have access to during their stay.
    • * Most of our boarders are completely content without toys and bedding from home. We do provide some bedding of our own. If bedding provided by us is destroyed, we can simply throw it away. *
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